2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Release Date UK

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2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 Release Date – Yamaha claimed Ténéré 700 brought back the essence of the philosophy of Ténéré from a pure, sporty, lightweight machine that can be carried anywhere. Affordability and accessibility are also a key factor in the development of the Ténéré 700, along with creating motorcycles that are as good as the highway. Yamaha outlines three types or groups of Target customers; Almost every rider in the world ADV will enter into one of these groups. And when the motorcycle is designed for everyone, it can be great and not so good at the same time. This is the case for 700 Ténéré.

When ol ‘ Brasstacks hit me on the phone to set the press launch of the Yamaha Tenere 700 to his favorite employees, some things do not increase. The show was two weeks out, it was international, but he did not remember where, and most strange, the fact that there was a launch at all for motorcycles that we have been tempted for almost three years. Oh, and it was April 1. Yes true, EvB. Funny stuff. “You’ll get an email tomorrow,” he said. Well, twenty-four hours later, I had no emails and ignored his duty as a cruel April Mop joke. Two days later the email came in. I will head south to Spain to test the 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 in May. Evans screwed up the date and I was never wrong anymore.

Tenere, as we know it today, has a long and multilevel history that returns to the Paris Motorcycle Show 1982, where the XT600 Tenere was launched. Building on the success of XT500 Rally Racing, XT600 Tenere was built to compete with the increasing speed and size of motorcycles competing in the World Rally of the day. This development was championed by Jean-Claude Olivier, who at the time was not only competing in Paris-Dakar himself, but also worked for the French distributor Yamaha, Sonauto, and then became president of Yamaha Motor France. JCO, as he is known, sees the potential at Tenere for Yamaha not only in the racetrack but also in the international market when motorcyclists around the world begin to dream about the endless exotic rally and horizon that can Taken by this motorbike. A very excited man, Olivier can be credited with the development of adventure categories for Yamaha.

The word Tenere comes from the northern African Berber and Tuareg meaning “desert “, “Wilderness “, and “solitude “. Yamaha chose to use the name of the Tenere region of the Sahara desert that stretches in Niger and Chad and is part of the original Paris-Dakar Rally. The expansive, dry, sandy expanse will be known as the famous stage of the early Paris-Dakar due to its famous sandstorms and challenging terrain. Because the original Tenere was developed into a true off-road machine, the new development of Tenere 700 followed its footsteps. Yamaha said its development priorities for the new middle-class adventure bikes were pure, fun, sporty, and light. In Spain, over the next two days, we were given the opportunity to test the Tenere 700 on-and off-road to evaluate the company’s claims and bring our readers the first travel reviews of the Yamaha Tenere 700 2021 which is very awaited.


The Yamaha Tenere 700 Parallel Twin 689cc engine was borrowed from the highly successful MT-07 and XSR700 models. Since we first had the opportunity to drive this motorbike, we believe the motor will be an excellent power plant for adventure bikes. Low strength to mid-range punchy and torque make addiction in this roadsters. Yamaha obviously felt the same because the CP2 engine in ten700 ere remained unchanged from the model mentioned above.

Of course, there is a change in how the twin Tenere breathes and eats. Airboxes, exhaust, and ECU mappings have all been tweaked to provide a higher mid-range torque while still providing low low snoring, allowing bicycles for tractors to ride through the Rev-range. The Motor is easy to run gears by knowing that you can roll the throttle at a low spin to be greeted with a strong and smooth acceleration. Our off-road trips are guarded for gravel in large, small streets with a variety of embedded large rocks; Let the motor get into the corners of the hairpin and then turn on the gas as the uphill climb on the bend is not a problem for the Tenery’s Twin.

Even at the Overrev, the CP2 engine produces a smoothly predictable power. This, Yamaha explained, that is why they chose not to include traction control or other riders that help electronics on the Tenere 700 apart from the ABS, which can be turned on or off. After driving Tenere for nearly 300 miles across various terrains, I didn’t think twice about his absence. Strong predictable power delivery is easy to modulated. However, for those who look at the value proposition or riders that may be less experienced, some will certainly resist harsh by excluding traction control or ride mode. Again, I personally do not miss them, and for old school alumni, more electronics equals more catastrophic potential.

The six-speed transmission “Stacked ” works fine. A positive shift, and the only time I missed one was because of my half-hearted pressure in the shifter. Like the MT-07 and XSR700, Tenere 700 does not come with any clutch, and while it can ensure consistency in feeling, in today’s motorcycle, the sandals clutch is sophisticated enough to make it tough. Argument. Gears are placed evenly, and combined with the torque of CP2, people can be lazy with tooth selection. The final drive ratio 15/46 prefer torque than the Roadster model that focuses on the road. While refueling is done very well on the Tenere 700, there is little eyelash driveline when rolling the throttle back. In such a way that during our trials through a winding Spanish one-lane road, a touch of clutch modulation was needed to keep Tenere from slipping forward when using gasoline.


The Yamaha Tenere 700 Frame is a completely new development designed to be sleek and lightweight, yet robust, while also providing comfortable natural handling and rider Ergos. Made of high tensile strength steel, the Tenere framework features a detachable downtub that helps protect the motor and can be replaced if damaged. I may also like to see the bolt-on subframe, which, if the rear of the motorcycle receives some significant damage, the rider will be able to buy only that part, rather than stuck with the whole skeleton being destroyed.

Yamaha’s old relations with KYB outperform the Tenere 700 with a 43mm fork that generates 8.3 inches of travel, which can be adjusted for compression, rebounds and preload. KYB’s shocks resulted in a 7.9-inch trip and an easily accessible long-range adjustment button feature, and offered rebound adjustments, although no compression adjustments were provided. The ability to change Tenere suspension will give most riders the ability to organise trips as they wish. The suspension works well on the sidewalk while still absorbing the rocky terrain and small jumps with ease. Overall, I would call it a convenient suspension, not too sporty on or off-road, but able in a variety of situations.

Naturally, like a bicycle whose lineage includes a prototype rally racer, the Tenere 700 is equipped with a type 21 and 18 inch wheel with a spoked tube. A great option when considering the off-road focus amount positioned by the new Tenere. The bicycles we drive are fitted with the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Tire, although this possibility will change for models aimed at North America. This is among other details, to be announced in about a year. People can expect something similar if Scorpions can’t swim across the Atlantic. Another advantage, apart from the natural and off-road adherence of the 21/18-inch wheel combo, is to provide riders with the opportunity to choose from a variety of tires, ranging from rubber touring-miles to meat-terseret-seret.

The braking components are provided by Brembo both front and back. On the road, the double 282mm Tenere rotor was slowed easily by the two-piston-only Brembo caliper, and while they did not offer superbike shades, they finished the work. Off-Road is a different story. A somewhat blurred feeling, combined with a sufficiently sensitive lever, hardly inspires trust. And then there is the rear brake. A light switch offers better modulation than the Tenere rear brake. Single piston caliper Brembo many are able to lock the back. Of course, the back, and the front, will only lock with the ABS system disabled. There are two modes: life or death completely, both front and back. To activate or deactivate the system, the motorcycle must be stopped and the special keys contained in the LCD dash housing should be pressed for approximately five seconds. It’s all nice and cool to disable the system, and possible advice from lawyers, but I want to be able to activate the ABS quickly. As you might have expected, the braking system returns to the road mode (on) when the keys are being taken.

Although I had the opportunity to ride the Yamaha Tenere 700 2021, I also still felt blue. The press trip, though we covered many things and did a lot of exciting stunts on the streets, a little bland in off-road things. Most of the time we were spent varying the width of the road or gravel road without a chance to test the Tenere 700 on the more technical thing than the strange stretch of jagged rock. For some people, it may be more or all they are interested in doing, but for me, I believe this motor is capable of doing more. We barely scratch the potential surface of Tenere 700. I can confirm that this bike is very enjoyable on the streets with a 21 inch front-wheel gyroscopic power and the adventure tires hardly reduce our vigorous ride. Off-Road, the motor is stable and predictable at a speed with a torque machine ready to break traction on the wrist round, but there are more Tenere stories.

I feel sad to know that I won’t give up on Tenere 700 in the near term because I really can’t wait for the right adventure comparison between the growing middle-class adventure market. Yamaha and KTM have both brought competitors with a serious off-road intention to the middle class and I, like you, can’t wait to see how they tremble when compared side-by. What I can say with absolute certainty is, there will be an ADV bike that fits everyone’s adventurous tastes when Yamaha lands. There has never been a better time to start exploring the next horizon.